Women of Mountain Biking: Isn't It Time for a Renaissance?

How do we empower women to lead?

How do we empower women to progress the sport of mountain biking?

How do we empower women too rally our gender for change?

Not easily solvable by lunchtime. 

Will. Need. More. Coffee. 

These questions swirl through the brains of mountain biking's club leaders, marketing managers and event directors tirelessly. Our Crankworx philosophy from day one has always been less talk, more action. When we touched back down into Whistler, BC for our final event on the World Tour, I quickly discovered that many brilliant people feel the same way.

Some progressive ideas are now blossoming into cool opportunities. If you're over the shrink it and pink it approach, I encourage you to read on. Here's what's in-store for Crankworx Whistler:  

The Riverside Women’s Only Jump Jam

In the hours before Red Bull Joyride fever heats up, the Riverside Jumps between the Blackcomb and Whistler bases will be a trick-throwing playground for aspiring and legendary female riders alike. Staked with prize money and the playful feel of a jam format, this event is a Crankworx first that has our community buzzing.  


Women of Crankworx Autograph Signing

Each stop of the World Tour has included a female athlete signing this year. Watching little girls and boys clammer over each other to get autographs from the top female riders in our sport gives me goosebumps every time. Equally, I love how open the athletes are to make time during a jam-packed week to hang with future shredders. 


Women in Action Sport Panel Discussion

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This might just be my favourite addition to the line-up. Three wildly talented mountain bike athletes are going to answer some challenging questions about being a female in a male dominated industry. What's even more special is the contribution the Women of Whistler Blackcomb's committee has done to champion this refreshing chat. It takes place in the Olympic Plaza before the Deep Summer Photo Challenge, an awesome way to tee up a night under the stars. 


SRAM Women’s Clinics

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You know what I like about these clinics? They're not your standard "learn to change a flat" type of affair. We all need the basics at some stage, it's fantastic for new riders. But if you're head over heals for two wheels, a line up that includes suspension tuning, drivetrain and dropper clinics, is spot on. The only downside? These clinics fill up too fast.  


 A-Line Women’s Only Session

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A-Line. It's the busiest, flashiest and most flatout trail in Whistler Bike Park. It can seriously intimidate riders regardless of gender. That's why LIV/Giant and this long standing Crankworx tradition gets a high-five from me. For a few hours on Aug 12th, clinic riders get exclusive access to coaching and sessioning on one of Whistler's most iconic trails. 

Although I do work for Crankworx, I recently joined the Women of Whistler Blackcomb as a committee chair because if not now, when? If you know of rad initiatives happening in your community or with a favorite brand - I want to know! Drop me a line or leave a comment.