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"A Couple of Things" Interview with Mikki Williden

Spurred by my current adventure in New Zealand, I've tracked down Mikki Williden, a well-respected nutritionist in the endurance sport community to ask her a couple things about how she markets herself online. 

Before marketing, Let's talk nutrition.   

Mikki has an analytical mind. I can tell she loves a good puzzle. When she hit her teenage years she confessed that she found herself slightly overweight. She accepted the challenge and pored over diet books and exercise guides. Retrospectively, her discovery years of nutrition were based on fad-diets, formal training came later in her days at the University of Aukland. I gathered that her passion came from the joy of replicating recipes, and the process of learning to get active and healthy. The seed for a nutrition career was planted. 

The defining dish that sparked Mikki's love for her work?

Meringue Nests with Strawberries. The dessert was part of a trendy diet that she's long since abandoned in favour of the findings from her nutritional science degree but the creative fusion around taste and health is a strong undercurrent in our conversation.  

Interesting Fact, please. 

Mikki is a twin. 

Is Mikki a nutritionist turned marketer or a marketer turned nutritionist? 

Mikki laughed, she hadn't viewed herself as a digital marketer, rather a community builder. She thrives on sharing helpful information and breaking down scientific jargon barriers into digestible advice for her fans/followers online. From a marketing perspective, Facebook is her primary marketing tool. 

Pictured Above: A recent post from Mikki's Facebook page. 

What social media Influencers, bloggers or podcasters are shaping Mikki's industry online? 

- Diane Sanfilippo - Balanced Bites

- Rhonda Patrick - Found My Fitness  

- Rich Roll - Finding Ultra

A photo posted by rich roll (@richroll) on

Pictured Above: A recent Instagram post from Nutrition and Endurance Sport Influencer, Rich Roll

What does Mikki's content schedule look like? 

She doesn't confine herself to a rigid content schedule, probably because she isn't shy about writing or publishing. Monthly, she contributes recipes and long form content to her blog. She likes to make her content easy to digest (see what I did there?) by using Facebook like a micro-blog platform. She shares her thoughts and well-researched reactions with fluidity rather than structure, almost daily. 

Pictured Above: A recent Instagram post from Mikki featuring a tasty recipe

How Does She Come Up With All This Great Content?

Mikki notes recent nutrition questions from clients, combs a few nutrition authority websites and when in doubt Googles "Nutrition Memes". Can't blame her, there are new hilarious images posted all the time. 

Mikki has an E-Book, Blog, Podcast, and accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. How much do these channels account for her overall lead generation? 

Mikki estimates about 60% of her business comes through digital platforms. Not bad for a one-woman marketing team. 


One last thing, Where is she looking to experiment in marketing next? 

Mikki co-hosts the Fitter Radio Podcast (It's awesome, check it out). She had noticed other podcasters like IM Talk growing with dedication and persistence and employed the same work ethic with strong results. Although she's hesitant about "Live" or Real Time mediums she's optimistic about trying new marketing channels as they evolve.


A couple of these things piqued your interest? Learn more about Mikki on her website: http://mikkiwilliden.com/