Three Reasons To Get Strategic With Your Outdoor Brand's Social Media - Build A Campaign, This Season

We've all done it. A larger marketing project or business plan gets in the way of sharing on our business's social media channels. We pull some random content to share across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Then after the content is live, we wonder if what was shared really worked. Did the content entertain more than build the brand (i.e. classic Seinfeld meme), or did it serve up the hard sell with little to no engagement? Stop shooting from the hip and opt for applying a cohesive strategy, in this case a Social Media Campaign. Here are three reasons why it's time:

Seinfeld Meme for your social media strategy? Try building a proper social media campaign from the ground up
  1. New ways to frame content for your audience.

Community Managers are hungry for content to share. We're looking for compelling images, blog posts, videos and articles that will stir up engagement with followers. For all those one-woman (or man) marketing teams this is often harder to come by. With a strategic focus and theme, creating and executing a social media campaign inspires unique ways of looking at your resort-based business.  There is also an opportunity to re-purpose older content by putting a different spin on it, an easy-win when done right.

Content Creation on The Fly

2. Appeal to your guests or customers on an emotional level.

It's easy to fall into a cycle of constantly hitting our customers over the head with sales messages, especially on social media. But with the average organic reach of Facebook Fan page posts dipping below 1%, this strategy doesn't work. We have to be creative and romance our customers and guests a bit more. Creating a campaign that resonates with people will establish trust, which ultimately leads to a sales conversion anyway. If you still need a nudge in the right direction about connecting with customers check out Search Engine Watch's article: Nine ways brands can Improve Emotional Connections with Customers

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3. Measurable results.

Every marketer, business owner and community manager strives to prove the success of their efforts on social media. Applying the strategy of a formal social media campaign brings us closer to understanding purchase behavior and conversions. For example, hashtag campaigns, contesting, and paid-advertising all help us attribute a dollar value per customer or guest. We can get a much deeper understanding of how our marketing is working and if the time spent executing on social is equal to the payout.

Ready to build a social media campaign? Join me for an in-depth workshop at the Whistler Chamber October 3rd, 2016: More Social Media Workshop Details Here